Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fright Night

Fright Night

With mysterious disappearances in the neighbourhood, two teenagers start to prepare themselves for if their neighbour is a Vampire.

Now I never saw the original of this so I'm only reviwing it as it is, without the word "remake". I liked it. The film is kinda split into two parts, the first part is a quirkey teen comedy and the other a thiller/horror, either way the film is good. Anton Yelchin in the lead role as Charlie. He was OK but his voice/accent can be very boring at times. He has a very throaty voice and sometimes was hard to pay attention to what he is saying. Colin Farrell plays the vampic neighbour in question and is fantastic. He has a great way of imbedding a sacrastic, kinda "modern" take on a vampire, but not being gay like Twilight (one nice stab at Twilight in the film was good). Most of the cast was in fact good, there weren't any poor performances throughout. Now i feel i have missed someone out in the cast list....oh yea DAVID TENNANT!!!!!! Fantastic. His drunken, cowardly Peter Vincent was a definate show stealer. Now some may argue that his character is just as eccentric and knowledgeable as his portrayal as The Doctor, but as #10 is my Doctor, i don't care, he was awesome. Not only do i hope he gets more big movie work from this, he has the best line in the entire film. Its clear from the trailer who and what his character is, and he has been using E-Bay to purchase his "tools". When he finally gets to use them and one malfunctions he simply yells "FUCKING E-BAY!!"
Love it!!
The story is pretty simple, it's really scary and doesn't have the suspence or the fear of the unknown. We know from the start who is who and what is happening, the entire film is a big build up to the ending, but it keeps your attention held and the ending was rather unique and rather genius in the art of vampiric killing.

Recommend: Definately, especially those who just more Tennant in their lives.
Overall: 8/10

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