Thursday, September 15, 2011



When a young girl's parents are killed right infront of her, she spends her life training for the day she takes down their killer.

A terrible movie, so a nice short review. Zoe Saldana was good, she got a nice charcter down and she was sexy to boot. But the entire story was boring, all the action scenes were nothing new and the film was just boring. When I watch movies, I do like to be enticed and be in the movie, but with this I found myself criticising most of the movie and laughing at terrible CGI....i think they were supposed to be sharks. In most films there is a certain amount of theatrical lisence, with technology and software that does things it cant do in real life, but some of the stuff they got going in this film was unbelieveable, including 4 taps on a keyboard which turn the PC on, launch all the survalliance cameras on all her screens and start playing the specific song she wants to play. MADNESS!

Recommend: One to avoid im afraid
Overall: 3/10

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