Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lord Of The Rings: The extended trilogy.

LOTR: Extended trilogy.

The trilogy of the final story of the One Ring, set in middle earth.

First off, yes we did the whole 12hour experience, back to back. Second, I didn't take notes and don't intend on writing a lot on this, but still need to mention something. We wanted to do it for simple nerdy checklist reasons and I hadn't seen Return of the King since theatrical release.

First up: Fellowship Of The Ring. The most boring of the trilogy. Nothing happens until 'you shall not pass' and then its just waiting for Boromir and the end.
Two Towers. It gets better. The battle for Helms Deep is one of my faves. All scenes with Treebeard and the ents are all good. The main problem with the first two movies that isn't in the third is all the depressing elf crap with Arwen or any time Frodo is being emo.
Return Of The King. The best. Love the Andy Serkis opening of Smeagle. Love the battle for Minas Tirith, every bit of it. Love all the undead legion stuff. Didn't like the bits with Faramir until he meets Gandalf. Frodo is still all boring and emo all up to the end.

Most of the bits I noticed that are new seemed to have more of a comedic nature to them, some did add to the story, some didn't. Again I didn't want to do a detailed review, but normal service will be resumed next time.

Recommend: die hard fans only, with 12 hours free and lots of caffeine
Overall: 6/10
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  1. I agree with the die hard fans recommendation. :) I did the 12 hours with a friend and loved it. Personally I like the 1st and 3rd the best. If the second didn`t have ents or helms deep I might skip over it.