Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A League Of Their Own.

A League Of Their Own.

Set during the war and whilst the men are off fighting, it is decided that a women’s baseball league is set up. The story follows two sisters who are talent scouted to join the teams.

I liked it, although so far, apart from “Mazes And Monsters” (which I never finished), I have found it impossible to hate a film that Tom Hanks is in. He’s on his usual top high form and might even have played the first Hanks character that I didn’t particular like, but that didn’t stop him from being awesome. And speaking of awesome he may have only been in the first 20/15 mins of the film but Jon Lovitz proves why he is one of my favourite comedians. The rest of the cast were equally as good, (after a quick glance at the back of the DVD cover) Geena Davis and Lori Petty in the two lead roles with Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna bringing up the supporting cast. Also hiding at the back end of the movie in a small role is current Torchwood baddie Bill Pullman.

There is a lot to like in this film. I myself have never played baseball, but have learned so much simply by watching films like this, The Benchwarmers, The Natural and The Longest Yard. All, in essence the same film, but each really good. It’s clear why Americans make such a fuss over it (and apple pie…mmmmm) There are a couple of nice scenes I want to mention; like the dance hall scene. What energy and perfection in that dance sequence, made me out of breath watching it. There was a really nice little moment when one of the girls admits she cant read the board to know if she’s on the team and someone walks up and helps her. Only like 30secs long but a memorable moment none the less.
The one and only flaw in this film I found was Hanks’ fault. His character has a broken knee and it’s only about half way through the film does he remember this and starts limping for a scene. Other than I have no memorable faults, other than it might have been maybe 15/20 mins longer than necessary.

Recommend: Yes
Overall: 8/10

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