Monday, July 4, 2011



The story of a maid of honour who plans her best friend’s wedding and it doesn’t quite go as planned.

Not really the Female Hangover movie but quite funny.

Kristen Wiig leads the comedic cast and leads it well. Other than Paul I haven’t really enjoyed her in much, but in this she is really good. She does however have this voice/accent/dialect when she says a funny line and it does get a little annoying at times, but the comedy its self is still rather good. Even though there are 6 other women, two of them don’t do anything. The soon to be wife, is also similarly not a huge role. The other two main characters are where the bulk of the plot and comedy is cantered. An old friend versus new friend relationship is formed and the new friend character. Now after watching the TRS review and other things, I feel that these are all known for their work on SNL. Now as that doesn’t air in the UK I have no idea who any of the other actresses are, but they were all pretty good. Chris O’Dowd is the love interest who even though he was kinda funny, his acting was terrible. Now I like him in other things, specifically The Boat That Rocked, but in this I think he gave his poorest performance.

The film itself is several big comedic scenes tied together with a flimsy plot. Now the comedy is good. It’s a funny movie, but the other little bits, mostly fall flat. The scenes with the two men in Annie’s life are just boring.

Recommend: Sure, it’s an OK watch.

Overall: 6/10

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