Monday, July 4, 2011

The Burbs

The Burbs

When a new family moves in the other residents of the street become suspicious of their lack of leaving the house.

Funny and over the top.

Tom Hanks leads the cast of residents set in the burbs. Other than Mazes and Monsters I have yet to find a film of his that I have hated. He just delivers in every role he is in and this is no different. Carrie Fisher joins him as his wife who is really good. Bruce Dern plays one of the neighbours who was in the military and provides most of the equipment for what happens in the plot (no spoilers). The third character seemed very much the OTT slapstick comedic relief. He was funny, but I feel the humour may have dried over the years this film was made (’89) The other 2 neighbours I don’t know their names, but were ok. None of the cast gave a bad performance really.

The plot is all based around the characters suspecting their neighbours of foul play. The comedy is there as is the slight essence of a thriller. The only trouble is, is not much happens. They see the problem, they tackle it, fail, try again and credits. It was good but needed a bit of padding.

Recommend: Tom Hanks’ fans definitely, other than that not really.

Overall: 6/10

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