Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scent Of A Woman

June 4th: Scent Of A Woman

When a prep schoolboy takes a job looking after an old man for the weekend, he gets more than he bargained for when he meets a blind retired military colonel who has plans on a trip to the big city.

I had been meaning on tracking down this film for a while. I'm a big fan of Ralph Garman and his Al Pacino impression is hilarious. I finally tracked down his main inspiration to this film and I'm glad I did, because even without that incentive, its a really good film.

Cast: Al Pacino stars as the blind retired officer. Fantastic. The little things he adds to his performance. The way he holds his eyes throughout the film really gives the blind performance an edge. No review of him in this film would be complete without a Hoo-Ahh. Chris O'Donnell was less annoying than he was in the Batman flicks, I might even go as far as say he was good, but unfortunately he gets drowned by the awesome seeping from Pacino. Supporting cast notes a young role for Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who was also rather good.

This film I don't think is a comedy, but coming from Ralph's impressions to this film I was in stitches almost every time Pacino opened his mouth. The plane scene is bar far the funniest when Pacino gives off a monologue about what he likes about the female body. He also gives an awesome monologue at the end of the flick, but no spoilers here. The film is kinda like a less well known Forrest Gump or Rain Man, which raises a question that was asked in the movie Tropic Thunder: Why do good actors get awards and recognition for playing characters that are disabled some how? Either way, all three of these films are awesome.
It is however, very long. There are a lot of good moments in this film, but it could have done with being about 30mins less.

Recommend: Yes
Overall: 7/10

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