Friday, June 3, 2011

L.A Confidential

June 2nd: L.A Confidential

Set in the 50's when a fellow police detective is killed in a cafe shoot out, the three best detectives in the area are on the case.

So after loving playing L.A Noire the video game, I thought I'd try the movie.


Kevin Spacey is one of a few actors who i think can't do no wrong. Every role I've seen him in is brilliant and this is no different. This might also be the first film that I've seen Russell Crowe in that i have nothing negative to say. He was good. He pulled off his character well and i liked it. Although I've only seen Guy Pearce in The King's Speech, his character in this was done really well. Just like the other characters in the film, he eventually made me like him when we should hate him. Supporting cast mentions to James Cromwell, Danny DeVito and Matt McCoy.

The story is very good. I love these mystery style films. I love only knowing the plot at the end. There were some good action sequences, there were some humorous moments, there were some really good OMG moments. I'm not going to spoil any of them, but the film is really good and flows well.
If i had to say a negative point about the film, its the length. Maybe just 15/20mins too long.
On watching this movie it's very clear that James Cromwell's character is the main basis for the captain in L.A Noire. Their stories are different but the characters themselves are the same. I also see very similar characters in Roy Earle and Kevin Spacey's character.

Recommend: Definitely a must watch.
Overall: 9/10

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