Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When Harry Met Sally

May 13th: When Harry Met Sally

The story of two friends and their relationship. The highs, the lows and the falling in love.

Was listening to Jay and Silent Bob Get Old and they did a scene from this film and since then I’ve really wanted to re-watch this and damn it’s still good.

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the two lead roles. Since Billy Crystal was Sully from Monsters Inc I have loved everything I have watched of him since. The performance he gives in this is just perfect. The film is set over several stretches of time and from one time to another there is definite growth in the character that Crystal has evolved from the obnoxious guy in the first scene to the eventual nice guy. The character doesn’t change, he is still the same guy but the time adaptation fits so well. Meg Ryan luckily did this film during her “hot phase”. I saw one photo of her recently that looked like father time ran her over with a car, but back in the film damn she is hot. But not just hot, she’s got the cute factor too, which makes you want only good things for her character. The evolution of her character is a little less obvious than that of Crystal’s but she is still flawless. The supporting cast delivers a similar high level of performance. It’s always nice to see Carrie Fisher in a non-sci-fi film and her opposite Bruno Kirby was just as good, together they play the “friends” really well.

What’s to say about this film? Well if your basing a future watching of it on my review, just stop reading and watch the film because damn is good. It’s funny, it’s emotional, it draws you in. There are some classic moments: The big one being the orgasm scene, Ryan doing what she’s doing and Crystal’s facial reactions are hilarious. There are several scenes that are shot over the phone and the audience is shown both perspectives. Film students will be able to name it but whatever it’s called it works so well in this film, the best being a 4 way convocation between the 4 main characters. The film is flawless. It’s not too long, the cast is perfect, it’s funny, it draws you in and I did get a little teary at the end. If you’re reading this is it weird that I still get emotional over certain films? And is it weird I don’t mind admitting I do?

Recommend: Definitely. Re-watching has definitely reignited my love for this film

Overall: 10/10

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