Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat

When four couples take a holiday together to a resort they soon find it isn’t the great trip they planned.

Saw this at the cinema and loved it, recently decided it was due for a re-watch.

This film has a big cast and has both a good side and a poor side. The first couple is Vince Vaughn and Malin Akerman. Vince Vaughn has played the same character in nearly every movie he has been in. He has a way of saying lines really fast and close together and its funny. It’s not quite got annoying by this time, but as of The Dilemma, I hope in future he delivers something else, but in this he’s funny and it works. Akerman’s character was, put simply boring. Might have just been the character but she did practically nothing the whole film. The second of the couples is Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell. Bateman is good, he didn’t deliver his top performance but he was still good. Kristen Bell however: OMG. She goes from sexy OCD wife to uber hot wife and is funny and a good actress while doing so. Oh did I mention she’s hot, because she is. The third couple is Jon Favreau and Kristin Davis. I like Jon Favreau as an actor, I mean the guy made Iron Man, but I like him as an actor and in this he is funny and gives a top performance. Kristin Davis I have never seen before and she was ok. Nothing special, but OK. The final couple, Fazion Love and Kali Hawk. Fazion Love was hilarious. I loved his character so much, overweight jokes I can relate to these days. Kali Hawk’s character however you are not supposed to like and I didn’t. That’s not a fair evaluation of her ability, she did the character well that I didn’t like her but still not too sure.

The supporting cast is just as funny as the main cast, with roles from Jean Reno, Ken Jeong and I particularly liked Peter Serafinowicz role. There was a time when I thought Antonio Banderes is in this film, but on checking IMDB (I know I killed my rule, I apologise) I found he isn’t, so heads up to Carlos Ponce to whom played the part.

There are some really good funny moments in this film, my favourite being the Yoga scene, but under all the humour is a well structured and deep film about connections. Also it has guitar hero in it so its got to be good, right?

Recommend: Definitely, its very funny film.

Overall: 8/10

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