Sunday, June 5, 2011

X-Men First Class

4th May: X-men First Class

The story of a young Professor X and Magneto. The story of their first encounter that would spark a bitter rivalry.

By far the best X-Men film yet.

Cast: James McAvoy as Charles and Michael Fassbender as Erik. Both brilliantly British in the movie, love it. They embrace these already well known characters and build on what Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen laid for them. Just like Chris Pine did with William Shatner’s Kirk, these two did with Prof X and Magneto. Kevin Bacon as the villain was both good and bad. He didn’t give a bad performance, and although I’m not up on the X-Men lore/canon but his villain is exactly the same as Magneto is in the three other films. Not an original character but Bacon was good. Another performance worth mentioning was Nicholas Hoult as Beast. I loved his character of Hank McCoy ( Kelsey Grammar in the other film) Unfortunate poor performance from January Jones. Yea she’s hot but just like my gentleman parts: very wooden. Jennifer Lawrence was Ok as Mystique, not bad.


First off: loved everything about this film. The plot holds firm right up to the credits. The entire story keeps you intrigued to learn more, it makes you care for the main characters, all except for one scene where Shaw asks the kid mutants to join him. Now other than an instinctual urge to root for the good side, I wasn’t as invested in the characters and can’t say I cared either way they went.

I loved the many hints towards Xavier going bold and I found most of the dialogue kept me in just as much as all the action sequences did. The epic submarine lifting scene at the end (from the trailer) was gorgeous, the learning to fly was good and the part when Erik actually becomes Magneto properly at the end all epic scenes. Now I hope you read the spoiler warning because my favourite part of this movie lasted about 10 secs, if that. Beast has got Cerebro working and Charles and Erik are tracking down mutants to join the good fight. There is a short cameo where they meet Hugh Jackman. Yes Wolverine is in this film. They approach him at the end of this recruitment montage, are about to introduce themselves and he simply says “Go fuck yourself!”. Genius and clever way to invoke a nerd-gasm from fans.

Recommend: Definitely, best to have at least seen the others though.

Overall: 10/10

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