Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern

Green Lantern
When a test pilot is chosen to protect earth as a member of The Green Lanterns, he must face the greatest evil of all: Fear.
DC’s first big movie since Dark Knight, to a comic book fan/nerd it’s a good ride, but your average joe public might not feel the same way.
Ok first of, I’m not a huge fan of the character and the concept, but he’s part of the JLA (Not in this movie) and I have to like him a bit. From what I know of the character I don’t think Ryan Reynolds is perfectly cast. I see him more as a Flash kinda guy. He does an OK job as Hal Jordon but there are a few things that are off. First I think he’s more of a comedy actor than a serious role actor, now this is far from a full on serious film, but still he’s not quite there. Having said that there wasn’t anything wrong with his performance, just that it wasn’t exceeding expectations. The supporting cast from the lantern voices were all fine and Mark Strong awesome as ever. Blake Lively however, I never cared for. Her character was meh, she was meh and just a bit too meh really. I did like the guy who played Hal’s tech friend, I’m unsure of the name but he was good.
I didn’t fully like the suit. It never really looked right. It looked cool, but looked fake, rather than the second skin that it is supposed to be. The rest of the cgi is hit and miss. There is a scene with a helicopter (no spoilers) and the cgi in that scene was terrible, but the cgi throughout the film on all the ring related stuff is awesome. On that topic, the film is incredibly cheesy. With all of Hal’s imagination to pick from, he does conjure up some cheesy things. When simple solutions could be at hand, he draws scenarios out and its incredibly cheesy. I liked the Adam West Batman film and I find Green Lantern cheesy.
Even though I have just trashed the entire film, it is still a cool film. There are some awesome sci-fi moments and even the concept alone of Green Lantern is kind of rewarding. There are some good action sequences and a nice open ending for a possible sequel (again, no spoilers)
Recommend: Only for fans, nerds and those who crush over Ryan Reynolds.
Overall: 3/10

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