Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Time

In Time

In an alternate future where time literally is currency one man will fight so that the average non-rich get a chance to live longer.

Totally forgot to review this movie, one reason is that its not that memorable.

The story is ok, nothing really wrong with it, but its not that interesting either. The cast were all meh, all round, in fact only positive shouts go out to Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory's Leonard) and hes only in the film for 10mins, which is more than can be said for the lovely Olivia Wilde. In fact if Justin Timberlake and whoever the female lead were swopped with Galecki and Wilde, it might have been a better film.

Recommend: not really

Overall: 5/10

P.s. sorry for being short and harsh but I cant remember that much :-(

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  1. I liked the idea :) The story was wank though I agree.