Thursday, October 6, 2011

Despicable Me

Despicable Me

A evil genius and his hoard of minions, attempt the crime of the century, with the help of 3 little girls.

To say that it was made by an unfamiliar animation company, the film is animated really well, nothing too over the top, but nothing bad either.
The voice cast features an ensamble of comedic names: leading the way, Steve Carell dons an eastern European accent to high success. Other appearances from Russell Brand, Jason Segal, Will Arnett and Julie Andrews.

The story. Im not saying its bad, or anything, just a little less than I expected. Now I know its a kids movie and all but, I wanted more than only one objective for the entire plot. Its funny throughout, and as I said the cast are all awesome, its just lacking that spark we've all come to expect from an animated company, due to the high successes from Pixar and Disney.

Its very similar to Megamind. Both feature a villian who eventually prove themselves a hero.

Recommend: Yes
Overall: 8/10
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